“Seth’s music is a sonic bouquet of delicious melodies, melt-in–your-mouth harmonies, warm butterscotch guitars that jangle and shine — made with love and reverence for the music of the golden age of pop — guaranteed to raise a smile!” —Susanna Hoffs, The Bangles

I started out as songwriter with Chappell Music Co. in New York City writing songs for a myriad of popular recording artists (see,Timeline). It was a dream job. As a recording artist myself, I’ve made three solo albums (with a new one coming in April, 2021). I’ve also made three albums of all original material with my retro-60s-sounding band, The Red Button, below.


  1. Herman Cherry
  2. Roger 0:46
  3. It's Still Love
  4. It's Always the Same
  5. Edinburgh
  6. Bike Trip 0:46
  7. Instant Pleasure
  8. Only Me Fair May
  9. Butterfly On Jupiter
  10. Wednesday Unravelling
  11. Ordinary Man


  1. Summer In Her Hair
  2. Movie Set
  3. Matchbook Cover
  4. Living Room
  5. She's Doing Fine
  6. I'm Just Sayin'
  7. Watercolor Day 1:04
  8. 4 O'Clock Sun
  9. (I Never Knew You) Harry 0:46
  10. Fading Again 0:45
  11. Amen 0:46


  1. Far Away
  2. Abyss
  3. Trying To Keep It Simple 0:42
  4. The Simplest Way
  5. Belong
  6. Let's Get Married
  7. Circles and Squares
  8. I Don't Have Anything (If I Don't Have You) 0:30
  9. Old Letter 0:46
  10. I Loved Last Night
  11. Let's Move to Spain 0:46


New Album

Feb 2022

Coming soon


The Red Button

“If The Red Button had been around when I was producing, I would have signed them to EMI.” 
 — Norman “Hurricane” Smith, The Beatles main recording engineer (1962-1965) and producer of Pink Floyd.

 The Red Button is a collaboration with LA singer-songwriter, Mike Ruekberg. We share a deep love of the melodic music of the 60s and, well, created our own! Give it a listen!

“The Red Button are the new Power Pop Princes!”
— SHINDIG! Magazine

“Pure Melodic Pop Heaven”
— Uncut Magazine

  1. Cruel Girl
  2. She's About to Cross my Mind
  3. Floating By
  4. She's Going Down
  5. I Could Get Used To You
  6. Hopes Up
  7. Can't Stop Thinking About Her
  8. Gonna Make You Mine
  9. Ooh Girl
  10. Free
  11. It's No Secret


  1. Caught in the Middle
  2. As Far as Yesterday Goes
  3. Picture
  4. Girl, Don't
  5. Easier
  6. Sandreen
  7. On A Summer Day
  8. She Grows Where She's Planted
  9. You Do Something to Me
  10. I Can't Forget
  11. Genevieve
  12. Running Away


  1. Can't Let Candy Go 0:58
  2. Behind A Rainbow 0:40
  3. Tracy's Party 0:35
  4. Tell Me It's Over 0:45
  5. Now It's All This 0:46
  6. Solitude Saturday 0:30


Cruel Girl

On A Summer Day

Ooh Girl
Peter Noone with The Red Button


“Summer of Luv” Party
Davy Jones Singalong
Strawberry Fields Forever

“Here Comes the Sun”
(George Harrison)

Songs I've Written For Other Recording Artists

Tell it to My Heart
Taylor Dayne
Love is a Beautiful Thing
Al Green
Instant Pleasure
Rufus Wainwright
Not Gonna Be the One
Olivia Newton-John
Tear It Up
Michael McDonald
Prove Your Love
Taylor Dayne
Did You Give Enough Love
Celine Dion
After All
Air Supply
One of Those Love Songs
I Can’t Find the Words
Charles and Eddie
By Heart
Brenda K. Starr
Photograph of Mary
Trey Lorenz
(Swirsky/Elton John/Bernie Taupin)
Hard on Me
Christmas Lullaby
Faith Evans
Sacred Love
David Pack
Making Every Moment Count
Peter Allen & Melissa Manchester
Jane Weidlin
Someone for Someone
Denise Williams