Seth Swirsky and Art Garfunkel

Swirsky & Garfunkel

One of the best parts of making my documentary, Beatles Stories, occurred after the interviews. None was better than after I interviewed the singer/songwriter Art Garfunkel.  Of course, it was tremendously exciting to get the interview––I mean, Art Garfunkel was truly a big part of the fabric of the culture of the 1960s as a …

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Three Dog Nice

Three Dog Nice

I grew up with the greatest pop music as the background to my childhood––so many hit songs with such lifelong memorable melodies. It was wall-to-wall great tunes throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s. One of the bands making those mega-hits was Three Dog Night, with their three lead vocalists. “I’ve never been to Spain,” “One is …

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Mickey Ball

The Mickey Ball

I loved to put together baseballs that had a theme. As an example, before I sold my collection, I had a baseball with men that played the game whose names had a color in them. Thus, the “color” ball was signed by Dick GREEN, Vida BLUE, Joe BLACK, RED Schoendienst and others…you get the picture. …

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Me, age 8, drawing the picture of Paul from the inside of the Sgt. Peppers album.

Meet The Beatle!

Dear Sir Paul, I thought you might enjoy a story of what it was when a very longtime fan of yours had the opportunity to meet you, unexpectedly. When I saw you running on the treadmill at my gym, it didn’t register for a good long moment that it was you in the flesh. I couldn’t help but walk over––not to get an autograph or a picture–– but to see if the treadmill next to you was taken. It wasn’t!

Comrade Putin and Me

The day after 9/11/2001, Russian President Vladmir Putin issued a statement condemning the attacks in an attempt to calm fears that perhaps Russia had been involved in them. The next day, I wrote him a letter saying how much I––and, I suggested, many American citizens––appreciated his gesture during those scary first hours after the attack. …

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