Seth Book Signing

“Seth Swirsky’s Baseball Letters trilogy is in ‘A League of its Own’—great reads!” —Penny Marshall, Movie Director

I’ve written four bestselling books. The first three are based on my correspondence with former baseball players (and some prominent baseball fans) who, through their handwritten letters to me, describe a unique moment or memory that they were involved in, on or off the field. My latest book, “21 Ways to a Happier Depression” is of the ‘self-help’ variety. Currently, I’m finishing my first children’s book as well as a book of my polaroid photographs. Stay tuned!

Shh...Your Toes Are Sleeping (Wonderwall Books, 2021)

My new book (and first children’s book) just went up on Amazon.  It’s about Annabella, a vibrant, active, engaged little girl who is so busy during her days in school and so full of ideas when she comes home that she finds it hard to settle down and go to sleep every night. Until, that is, her mom thinks up an ingenious method of calming down her little girl and helping her to drift into a delicious and peaceful slumber.

Baseball Letters

A Fan's Correspondence
With His Heroes
(Three Rivers Press, 1996)

Every Pitcher Tells a Story

Letters Gathered
by a Devoted Baseball Fan
(Times Books, 1999)

Something to Write
Home About

Great Baseball Memories
in Letters to a Fan
(Crown Books, 2003)

21 Ways to a Happier Depression

A Creative Guide to Getting Unstuck from Anxiety, Setbacks, and Stress (Sourcebooks, 2017)

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