Seth Swirsky

Hi. My name is Seth Swirsky and welcome to my site. I was born in 1960 and grew up on Long Island, specifically, Great Neck, New York, where I enjoyed a happy childhood playing wiffle ball, listening to a plethora of melodic music and watching the best TV!                                                                   

I’m originally a pop songwriter but over the years have created works in all forms of the arts — books, films and the visual arts. Please feel free to click around and I hope you enjoy what you see and hear!


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Dec 15, 2022

I hope you enjoy my new single “Christmas Eve”

April 8, 2022

New Album of Pop Songs is Up on All Platforms

“Ultra warm, upbeat, and power-pop-esque, as if Revolver era Beatles and early Guided by Voices stepped into the studio together” -Glide Magazine
“This album of well-constructed indie-pop songs shines through the speakers majestically and leaves the listener in a better mood than they started their day with.” -CHORUS.FM
“Pure Swirsky — irresistible choruses with a dash of Flower Power sprinkled on top. And, just when you think you’ve got the song’s structure solved, he throws a sonic curveball.” – Hollywood in Toto

April 28, 2021

My Latest book is up on Amazon

This is my first children’s book. It’s about Annabella, a vibrant, active, engaged little girl who is so busy during her days in school and so full of ideas when she comes home that she finds it hard to settle down and go to sleep every night. Until, that is, her mom thinks up an ingenious method of calming down her little girl and helping her to drift into a delicious and peaceful slumber.